"Forever Still" -- Out November 19th

11/19/21: Streaming Everywhere

"Forever Still" is a broody anthem for scorpios everywhere, due just in time for the November 19th partial eclipse & full moon. So, pull out your best incense. Lurk through the darkness as we rip open the human fixation that surrounds life’s endings and beginnings. 

We’ve all been there— out of nowhere, an intense connection knocks you off your feet, lines are crossed and a friendship is never the same. 

At the start, it's strong enough to cut with a knife. There's meditative stillness in knowing your connection is tangible. Feminine energy may sense within the body that this bond will one day run its course, but for now, it is content with the idea of indefinitely.

As love sours, couples do and say things they never thought they would. And in many ways, the duality present in the infatuation stage mirrors the duality of the breakup. Passions and fears may manifest themselves differently, but the feminine-masculine dance is still the same.

What was once a warm calm between two players eventually shifts to something colder, but in a way, equally as beautiful.

I will be forever connected to you in ways we both sense, even if we cannot see. This track strives to  highlight a feeling of uneasiness with heightened strings and stunning piano.